I’m a lesbian in love
I have a crush on my boss. He has a crush on me to, and the worst part is, he’s in the closet, and he has a GIRLFRIEND.
I am suffering chronic OCD, depression, anxiety etc. I have come this far in life (finished my Physics PhD and pursuing my Postdoc at UIUC) but can't do it anymore. I will be a psychologist. I will !!
I do not like girl stuff
the one before this is mine too I have been talking with a guy in my Japanese class and I kinda have a crush on him he is Bi and I think he likes me
I'm Gay and my dad doesn't understand that this is who I am and he keeps trying to change me but I am gay and I feel like I want to have a boyfriend and I feel like he won't approve if I do get one
i'm a horrible person
i'm afraid that i won't ever enjoy living - i'm afraid of the futrure
I'm don't enjoy living with myself
i don't know what joy feels like
I have a boyfriend in Scotland that no one knows about. and he wants to marry me when we meet
i like girls too
I'm afraid to be alone
once i stuck green soap up my nose and freaked out when i couldn't get it out
I am amazed I am still alive.
my secret is that im not virgin
He travels... He seeks the p a r m e s a n
We're out of maple syrup, Dave!
so is it weird that I want aids more than a baby
Whats the difference between aids and a baby. I mean your stuck with them for the rest of your life and their both expensive. The only difference is that you cant go to jail for dropping aids,.
guys i kissed my dad's fridge and it was awesome and i want to do it more but i'm scared it will freak out and punch me with a watermelon
i can't tell whether i have a crush on my best friend or not, i mostly get crushes on girls instead of guys so idk what to do?--distressed and (probably) bisexual
i once saw a dead body behind a dumpster in a body bag
Im secretly running a furry fight club at school UwU
Yo where the balls is D A D D Y T R I S T A N
chromer is my father i love him so much i think too much
I don't know who I am and I think I am having trouble loving myself.
i ate a whole bucket of sand as a kid and I still do it to this day. wanna eat sand with me
my heart hurts and i don't know why
I like to read way more then I like to put on
I've lost faith..
I wish there was still a lesbian community. I want to meet one other person who truly understands this love and this pain
Lesbian loneliness is an epidemic