Fresh air
Ed Sheeran looks like a goblin and his music is not good.
I wish to meet Rowan Ellis in San Fransisco soon. If somebody or something could make that happen I would be so happy!
Stop pretending this book isn't about Camp Alleghany. It is so wrong of you to bash a place that has helped people grow for almost 100 years- yourself included.
I go to Camp Alleghany
nothing is as beautiful as something that you don’t expect
I wish Robin Eisenberg would reply back to my email and draw my self portrait.
I wish Rachel Weiz were my bae!
Is he a good man, or a bad man? You tell me. He left them there. Knowing they could not swim. - C
I wish I could die because I am autistic and not beautiful. I know I cannot change brain and control other people, but I need to fundementally change myself to make others happy.
I think I may have an anxious-ablivilent attachment style, eventhough my parents and family love me.
i feel bi but i only like feminine or gnc men. I’m afraid i might be a lesbian.
Sabine, Same! -Jade
My favorite agnsty book is Honor Girl! XD. Thats my entry. Sabine
my expectations for love are too high so i fear ill never be satisfied with my partner and end up alone
I’m on puberty blockers so that one day maybe I’ll be in the right body.
I really want to date a French lesbian femme, but I fear that it may be racist.
I wrote the femme lesbian confession - S
I am the lesbian who can help in this chat - S
I'm a lesbian
I agree whoever sent that below. I wish someone I loved would love me back. Its hard as a femme lesbian searching for a femme.
I wish someone would love someone like me
I like someone I can never be with
im still questioning my sexuality but im currently crushing on someone who is way older than me
These are all so edgy lmao
I have a crush on another celebrity I met.
I tell everyone I'm bi but I honestly think I only like girls, though I'm not too sure.
Life is everlasting
I have a crush on Isabelle Huppert, but I am only 18.
I feel attacked for being a liberal.
i'm kind of in love with my friend
I am a femminist, but also an egalatarian. Apparently the former means I have something wrong with me. Ugggggh.
i’m terminally ill and i haven’t told any of my friends. i’m fifteen.
I believe there is more than two genders, that educating kids about LGBTQ issues is not propganda and that kids willingly transitioning at a young age is not child abuse.
One day, I am planning to get sterlized, endometrial ablagation and my eggs donated. 💉
Only a secret to my parents. I’m bisexual.
*voice is heard from under closet door* this is where I shall spend summer pretending to be straight