I let my dog die.
I still read sweet valley high
Some authors who are really popular are FAKE FUCKS
I want to disappearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I'm mary poppins
Im actually dio KONO DIO DA
I'm a terf
I’m actually quite scared about leaving for college.
I’m scared. What will happen if I come out? They will hate me. I feel trapped
I'm scared of living
I'm afraid people won't think I'm as cool if I admit that I'm bi (instead of lesbian)
I’m actually really self conscious a lot of the time. Also I’m pretty positive I’m not straight.
I’m scared of never really being happy with myself.
I love animals and hate people
I keep telling myself I'll meet "Ms. Right" but my past relationships were very abusive and now I'm afraid to date anyone at all. I feel like I'll never meet her. - A 36yo Lesbian
Make it stop
I'm a terf too
I'm a terf
I said I don't want to date a trans woman and now no one will talk to me
I'm a lesbian
I’ve manipulated my girlfriend
I’m suicidal
My best friend doesn't want me anymore which means I am garbage
I'm Baby
I want to break up with my girlfriend
Demons speak to me.
I love this girl but she's probably straight and it's slowly killing me
Bruh I want to be 5 feet but I’m 5,3.ALL THE BOYS LOVE THE Midgets
It feels like I’m not leaving a life I would remember...it like a dark hole of things I would forget
It feels like I’m alone sometimes...I push my family away because I feel like I’m Superior and there...Disgusting
I feel like I need to be original or I need to hurry and be someone before...I’m forgotten
I just wanna go back to seventh grade
i feel so, so alone
a pornhub ad came up on my computer and I'm afraid my parents might find out
Well then, what's your terrifying secret? This is the place to tell, hello.
My secret is one so terrifying it scares me.