I have a crush on a girl and Idk how to tell if shes gay
I am afraid I will live my life without doing the things that make my heart sing out of fear.
im gay and my parents are both christian. i accidentally got a crush on one of my friends and i hate myself for it
This world is a junkyard filled with dumb people and dweebs. Barely anybody seems to understand how and why we need to do the right thing. It's so annoying.
I'm panromantic and demisexual but not out to my family. They're homophobic, and the things they say sometimes tears me apart. Support LGBTQ+; you may not know we're there, but we really are everywher
i dont have one, i just like this font
I haven't been much myself And I feel like my friends are being put through this hell
I haven't been much myself And I feel like my friends are being put through this hell I'm feeling I think that I'm living, if you could call it living So brash and unforgiven Ruled by the vibe I'm bri
And maybe grief would make them stay together
Then my family would have more money
If i died the problem would be gone
I wanna die
My family hates me
Bc my parents refuse to give me any pocket money or anything and then complain that i dont do anything with my friends
Like why cant we just do something free or cheaper
My friends leave me out bc they always want to do expensive stuff and i cant afford it
I hate my family
I have periods of time where I'm more attracted to guys and periods of time where I'm more atttacted to girls and it's so confusing and I hate it and It's been happening for 3 years now
I'm a trans boy.
I have a crush on Julia Docurnau
I hate everyone in my friend group (except two people) because they are demeaning and rude to me. The worst part is, my best friend never sticks up for me. I would stick up for her.
banana phone
I act dumb around my friends so they underestimate me
I told my parents ab how i get anxious and stressed and now they hold it aganist me when i try to to do stuff ex. You know you shouldn't try out for that bc its to much. But now i cant do anything
Im so tired of everything
Fresh air
Ed Sheeran looks like a goblin and his music is not good.
I wish to meet Rowan Ellis in San Fransisco soon. If somebody or something could make that happen I would be so happy!
Stop pretending this book isn't about Camp Alleghany. It is so wrong of you to bash a place that has helped people grow for almost 100 years- yourself included.
I go to Camp Alleghany
nothing is as beautiful as something that you don’t expect
I wish Robin Eisenberg would reply back to my email and draw my self portrait.
I wish Rachel Weiz were my bae!
Is he a good man, or a bad man? You tell me. He left them there. Knowing they could not swim. - C
I wish I could die because I am autistic and not beautiful. I know I cannot change brain and control other people, but I need to fundementally change myself to make others happy.
I think I may have an anxious-ablivilent attachment style, eventhough my parents and family love me.
i feel bi but i only like feminine or gnc men. I’m afraid i might be a lesbian.