plz help
im dying
help me
I'm afraid of failure.
I just can't do this anymore.
I drink, a lot
I’m a lesbian. A Hispanic lesbian, and I’m afraid to come out. I’m horrified of the fact that I might get disowned by my family once they find out. They’ll never accept me.
I'm really sad.
is there going to be a book 3 in the strange truth series?
I won't let myself be happy.
I let my dog die.
I still read sweet valley high
Some authors who are really popular are FAKE FUCKS
I want to disappearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I'm mary poppins
Im actually dio KONO DIO DA
I'm a terf
I’m actually quite scared about leaving for college.
I’m scared. What will happen if I come out? They will hate me. I feel trapped
I'm scared of living
I'm afraid people won't think I'm as cool if I admit that I'm bi (instead of lesbian)
I’m actually really self conscious a lot of the time. Also I’m pretty positive I’m not straight.
I’m scared of never really being happy with myself.
I love animals and hate people
I keep telling myself I'll meet "Ms. Right" but my past relationships were very abusive and now I'm afraid to date anyone at all. I feel like I'll never meet her. - A 36yo Lesbian
Make it stop
I'm a terf too
I'm a terf
I said I don't want to date a trans woman and now no one will talk to me
I'm a lesbian
I’ve manipulated my girlfriend
I’m suicidal
My best friend doesn't want me anymore which means I am garbage
I'm Baby
I want to break up with my girlfriend