I keep telling myself I'll meet "Ms. Right" but my past relationships were very abusive and now I'm afraid to date anyone at all. I feel like I'll never meet her. - A 36yo Lesbian
Make it stop
I'm a terf too
I'm a terf
I said I don't want to date a trans woman and now no one will talk to me
I'm a lesbian
I’ve manipulated my girlfriend
I’m suicidal
My best friend doesn't want me anymore which means I am garbage
I'm Baby
I want to break up with my girlfriend
Demons speak to me.
I love this girl but she's probably straight and it's slowly killing me
Bruh I want to be 5 feet but I’m 5,3.ALL THE BOYS LOVE THE Midgets
It feels like I’m not leaving a life I would remember...it like a dark hole of things I would forget
It feels like I’m alone sometimes...I push my family away because I feel like I’m Superior and there...Disgusting
I feel like I need to be original or I need to hurry and be someone before...I’m forgotten
I just wanna go back to seventh grade
i feel so, so alone
a pornhub ad came up on my computer and I'm afraid my parents might find out
Well then, what's your terrifying secret? This is the place to tell, hello.
My secret is one so terrifying it scares me.
"Girldick" is not a real thing. Get the fuck away from me with that rapist bullshit.
I'm emotionally exhausted over a girl I'll never be with
Lesbian lesbians lesbianism lesbians lezzy lezzosarus that's me
Where's the lesbian community? I need it back. Now.
I often think mean things about my partner that I would never say out loud. I'm not sure whether I mean them. How do you tell the difference between the person you want to be & the person you are?
I’m a lesbian in love
I have a crush on my boss. He has a crush on me to, and the worst part is, he’s in the closet, and he has a GIRLFRIEND.
I am suffering chronic OCD, depression, anxiety etc. I have come this far in life (finished my Physics PhD and pursuing my Postdoc at UIUC) but can't do it anymore. I will be a psychologist. I will !!
I do not like girl stuff
the one before this is mine too I have been talking with a guy in my Japanese class and I kinda have a crush on him he is Bi and I think he likes me
I'm Gay and my dad doesn't understand that this is who I am and he keeps trying to change me but I am gay and I feel like I want to have a boyfriend and I feel like he won't approve if I do get one
i'm a horrible person
i'm afraid that i won't ever enjoy living - i'm afraid of the futrure