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We Know It Was You
Release date: October 4th, 2016!
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Published by Simon Pulse

Thrash's writing is so good I found myself re-reading sentences for the sheer pleasure and surprise of them. This not your typical boarding school/high school novel, it's way more fun. Go Wildcats!

"With WE KNOW IT WAS YOU, Maggie Thrash has proven she can do plain old words every bit as well as she does words and pictures. Here's a whodunnit that's less about whodunnit than about howitwasdun, a twisted mystery of mascots, cheerleaders, and the unlikely duo that has to untangle all the knots. It's Heathers meets Scooby-Doo, and it's just as wonderful as it is funny."

WE KNOW IT WAS YOU is the definition of a page turner. Thrash's unique ability to balance humor, mystery, and teen angst blew me away. Hilarious, twisty, and full of unforgettable characters--this is damn good stuff.

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Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir
Available at bookstores in USA, UK, and Australia. Shop indie if you can!


Published by Candlewick Press

I devoured every page and fell back in love with graphic novels. A perfect memoir.

[Wipes away tear.] Honor Girl is, all at once, heartachey (but never precious), dry-witted (but not cynical), and incredibly beautiful.

Maggie Thrash’s memoir is agonizingly accurate about what it feels like to be a teenager—serious and ridiculous, confusing and profound.

I couldn't stop reading. I felt like I was right with Maggie at this crazy southern sleep-away camp, falling in love for the first time. Fantastic.

Though I am neither a teenage girl nor a lesbian, I found this story super-real and relatable.

I couldn't put Honor Girl down, even while my heart was aching. I loved this book!

Honest, funny, and so real you can smell summer camp while you read it. Maggie Thrash's Honor Girl hits dead center.